What is CityLab?

CityLab Professional is the only CISCO Academy provider in California coupled with a State Certified On-the-Job Program to help its students immediately apply their new skills to a paying employer, who has sponsored the project from inception.

Our Program is unique in that it occurs 12 weeks prior to county jail release.

How do these programs work and pay for themselves?

  2. Through the use of the Montgomery (GI) Bill and other educational resources
  3. Through a collective Collaboration between public and private Large and Small Businesses.

Veteran Founded. American Made.

Our unique environmental ideals address what they see as three primary needs:

  • Military Veterans’ need for meaningful careers;
  • America’s need for a “green IT” workforce; and
  • Veterans’ need for supportive civilian reintegration.

Veterans’ disciplined military background allows them to be well-equipped for a variety of vocational areas.

However, having veteran status may also signify that individuals require additional services that are not generally a part of traditional training programs.

By providing these ancillary services, such as physical and mental health services, family support services, and career development, it allows for more successful reintegration into civilian life.

The Alliance has developed three pilot programs, in the San Bruno County Jail #5, which will begin in 2011.

For more information on these pilot programs, please visit http://www.mentoringmensmovement.org

Once veterans complete training programs, our Inherent Knowledge Team will link them to local businesses through a national Veteran Job Clearinghouse.

Currently, we are is undertaking four types of programming:

  1. The Community College Program
  2. The State Certified On-the-Job Program
  3. Community Information Labs

Each month on the third Saturday we host a day of making and information to the public for a small use and material fee.

These Two-generation programs, which provide workforce development and skills training to parents while their children are engaged in quality early-childhood education programs, are a promising investment and anti-poverty strategy gaining momentum across the country. Surprisingly, few early learning programs target parents for postsecondary education and training, despite the fact that increased parental education and family income are associated with better outcomes for children.

Social Return on Investment Projects

Our projects are focused on value propositions.

In this one-day, project-based, intensive learning experience, students engage in and apply entrepreneurial and collaborative 21st-century learning by solving challenges within the community.

High school seniors, determined through an application process administered by JA, work in groups and
participate in brainstorming/idea generating and ice-breaking techniques and exercises.

All teams will be presented with the same hypothetical challenge. The goal is to find a creative and innovative
business solution to the social challenge presented.

Teams will be provided with a laptop and flash drive that contains a Concept Paper and PowerPoint Slide Template. There will be a limited amount of time to draft a concept paper and PowerPoint presentation that illustrates each team’s proposed solution.

Teams will have access to volunteers, from the sponsoring companies, to help them think through their ideas and come up with an achievable and realistic solution to the challenge.

Teams will need to apply entrepreneurial and innovative thinking to arrive at their final solutions.

Finally, teams will present their solution before a panel of judges and the top solutions will be selected.