We are often tasked to Imagine things others don’t, make things others can’t, go where other’s fear, then pass on results that enhance the world for others.

Our unique environmental ideals address what they see as three primary needs:

  1. Former Military veterans’ need for meaningful careers;
  2. The country’s need for a “green IT” workforce; and
  3. Veterans’ need for supportive civilian reintegration.

Veterans’ disciplined military background allows them to be well-equipped for a variety of vocational areas. However, having veteran status may also signify that individuals require additional services that are not generally a part of traditional training programs.

By providing these ancillary services, such as physical and mental health services, family support services, and career development, it allows for more successful reintegration to civilian life.

The Alliance has developed three pilot programs, in the San Bruno County Jail #5, which will begin in 2011. For more information on these pilot programs, please visit

Once veterans complete training programs, the Inherent Knowledge will link them to local businesses through a national Veteran Job Clearinghouse.

Currently we are are undertaking four types of programming:

Community College Programs – This model partners with community colleges in offering day and evening programs in IT job fields, which include:

Green Building
Renewable Energy
Energy Efficiency
Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Forestry
Land Stabilization and Restoration
Disaster Relief/Preparedness/First Responder

The community college partnership also allows veterans to utilize GI Bill benefits during their time in training.

Residential Educational Programs – Residential programs provide ancillary support services and benefit veterans who have special needs.

Inherent Knowledge also hosts three types of competitions and challenges to identify and select ideas from every corner of the nation, capturing the most promising innovations to address both emerging and long-standing issues that impact Veterans.

All submissions undergo a rigorous review process and are balanced against a general set of criteria:

The potential impact, benefits, and contributions of the proposed solution
The quality of the proposed solution design
The quality of the proposed implementation plan
The scalability of the proposed solution

The offeror’s capabilities, related expertise/experience, facilities, techniques, or unique combinations of these of these that will contribute to execution

The cost-effectiveness of the solution in proportion to its potential impact/benefits


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