Public-Private Partnerships

The 20-member volunteer Partner Advisory Council has provided oversight and guidance in program development and operations. They also assist us with Job Readiness Training, serve as guest speakers, work with participants on interview skills, provide Internships and hire participants to help achieve the organization’s mission.

The 36 month outcome is a lean startup group of secondary schools, community colleges, labor agencies, and employers and industry representatives that commit to building career pathways leading to jobs in high-demand industries that offer “stackable” credentials (i.e., a sequence of credentials that can be accumulated over time); in advance of anticipated IT Sector growth.

The Internet has transformed the very paradigm in which the healthcare services were being delivered. Hospitals and healthcare providers are using the power of IoE to expand their outreach within and outside their system. From connecting patients with chronic medical conditions to using mobile technologies to help remind patients to take their medications on time, hospitals are incorporating new and innovative ways to improve the efficiency of care delivery.

While IT Curriculums may sell better than traditional classes, we must also consider that using the technology may require a set of behavioral changes that the majority of people do not want to make.

Certification with Social Innovation Bonds

This is an interesting new way to finance a trade school or technical training program. CityLab is a community where prospects are paired with backers to form individual social-financial agreements that are “designed to unlock potential and create a long-term sense of shared purpose.”

Giving incarcerated fathers a vision that they have a unique and irreplaceable role in the life of their child along with increased confidence and changes in attitude and skills is a powerful motivator for successful reentry. And a strong reinforcer for the child seeking academic success, combined with the creative financing described above, we organically empower communities to bring families together in a dignified way.

At CityLab, we know IT careers can change the life trajectory of students by enabling them to work in meaningful internships, at major corporations, during their repatriation process.

If after a 12-week intensive training program just prior to release, students work at one of our client companies where they discover that they can indeed succeed as professionals in the corporate world.

For Example, The Re-Innovation Initiative is a joint development venture between architects, developers, builders, and investors.


How CityLab Runs the Program

Citylab is a brand of Maximum Balance Foundation SPC, a corporation in California lacking a profit motive when pursuing a social benefit defined in its charter.


A special purpose corporation differs from a Benefit corporation in that it targets for-profit entities seeking traditional capital market investment. provides a platform to share resources to empower fathers and build stronger families. In addition, it provides connections.

Donuts With Dad facilitates networking and cooperative learning, at a monthly Maker Session. In sharing, fathers can review and improve their practices.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in America (1 of 3) live in biological father-absent homes, imagine the number of kids without the luxury of celebrating father’s day.

This is a huge issue and CityLab is personally committed to sharing his common concern in being a part of building stronger families by empowering fathers to have more impact in the lives of their children.

Absentee parenting is growing and Donuts With Dad wants to help reduce this staggering statistic.

Donuts With Dad is designed to be a platform for like-minded fathers inspired by the experiences that are shared and designed to stimulate an active parental relationship with their children.

This event determines if we have enough support three days ahead of Saturday to host a Mini Maker Camp.

Backers provide money to pay for education, training, and equipment (such as tools), offer advice, encouragement, and connections. In return, prospects agree to pay a percentage of their earnings (typically 5%) for a decade. This is a truly interesting notion and certainly one to consider.

High-interest private education loans could result in payments much higher than this, so it is a financially viable alternative.

For example, Goldman Sacks is working with New York City on a $10 million bond to reduce recidivism by 10% at Rikers Island, the city’s biggest jail complex.

This is one-way CityLab demonstrates how companies like ours are ushering in a new phase of accountability and outcome-based funding – certainly noteworthy for states and municipalities as they continue experimenting with financing and implementation of green and smart technologies.

Cisco and several large city vendors enable community organizations to extend their reach by providing challenge projects that upgrade existing infrasturces with certified technical staff.

In this case, a grant to a local school board program for IT Essentials ultimately ties the School-To-Career Program or Step-To-College program for technical support or Computer Sciences, and/or jobs in downtown technical companies.

Which is why this is a student to supporter an all or nothing campaign. All or nothing makes for a better community and really invests supporters into reaching that target and celebrate with us. More importantly, the supporters know that they’re enough funds to deliver the rewards and project outcomes.

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