Our Story

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This is the story of the first Cisco Network Academy Program in a county jail, named from the constraints put on Johnny as its first teacher.


The Mentoring Men’s Movement San Francisco California

They said it couldn’t be done.

The stakes were high.

For everyone involved it was win or face the same old madness of uncertainty in the streets. Already a two-time loser, no education – no job, no prospects.

Living in one of the richest Cities in the world where nearly everyone runs around making money using a smartphone, one needs to be smart.

People in SF are so smart that many know a second and third language, not to mention how to Sign. They make blockbuster deals routinely on an international scale using a laptop and a pair of headphones. And I thought they were just listening to music.

San Francisco is a part of the world where people are doing business at the speed of thought. Where even the youngest and least talented of the educated masses have multiple investments listed on the Nasdaq and other foreign investment exchanges.

Unfortunately, many in the outlying neighborhoods had placed investments in the dealer down the street, in the alley. Or, tried one too many schemes that were historically doomed to fail from the moment the loose plan was hatched.

Didn’t they know…others had tried these schemes before, and failed?

Now, staring down Market Street at the long line of high rise buildings housing high tech opportunity after opportunity, the clock struck 12 noon on the slender Ferry Building clock tower.

The thought crossed – will this be another day of sobriety? Another day of hiding from the lawman? Certainly destined to find trouble following as one moves through the back alleys and “street traps” laid out for those who’ve squandered their chance to make it wisely in the big City. ‘Things happen’ and perhaps, no one ever said: “you can make a good solid life in San Francisco if you just focus on getting in the game the right way”.

But what is the “right way”? It’s still up for debate. Lord knows people have stumbled their way into positions that only a kiss of the ring could have qualified their services.

Nevertheless, one can be sure, sitting in County jail is not the right way or right track. Now at the crossroads, backed into a corner, 850 – San Bruno…everything that could have been done wrong was done.

Draw your gun Scotty…There is only the Sheriff and his posse of deputies and rehabilitation programs to endure.


What to choose?

The 5 Keys Charter School and the Mentoring Men’s Movement standing by to assist if need be. The choice was clear for any right thinking person…sweat pouring down the brow and cheeks…take the class, pass the exam and move on to a new life of options.

Plant your seed, brighten the landscape of a life once thought a disaster, could now, thanks to concerned men and women who believe in giving second chances and the strength of rehabilitation, there could be hope. A new birth.

The Mentoring Men’s Movement (M3) through the work of Johnny Lee Clarke with Cisco Digital Network courses could enable one to get on track with the program.

Bringing one back into reality by placing the chances for a successful future back within one’s own reach and responsibility.

Are you kidding me? Really? “That’s impossible! It can’t be done”. (The wannabees kept saying that on the street) Or, can it?

Watch what happens in “Blackboard, Chalk and An Eraser”…Lance Burton