Enrollment Procedures

Seven Key Pillars

We get a significant grant for our program. The stipulations of the grant guide a lot of how we run our summer camp. In April, we hire our Maker coach for the summer, and she will be here doing 24 projects over an 8-week period. The projects are delineated into two tracks (12 projects for those in grades 3–6, and 12 for those in grades 7–12.)


This year our camp will run from June 22nd to August 14th. We organize our 8-week program as three sessions a week (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday), where each session runs 2–4pm and features a single and different making project.


The projects themselves are pre-chosen by us back in October since we have to submit all our projects and a line item budget for those projects to the grant funders as part of the grant renewal application. We knew which projects we are doing in the spring and ordered the supplies back then.


During each session, the Maker coach leads the kids/teens through the project with one of us on the summer camp team serving as an assistant to the coach. If projects run over, or more time is needed we provide open hours in our library Makerspace where they can come outside of the project time and work additionally on these projects. What we have seen is not only do they come back to complete uncompleted projects, but they come back looking to try something different, modify it, or just try something different and crazy — all of which we obviously highly encourage.

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