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To empower social entrepreneurs with technology and bridge the gap between wanting to solve a problem and actually knowing the steps to solving one in two steps.

The concept is simple. Do a bunch of small things right.

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The new networking is coming — Technology that enables automation and intent-based networking are fundamentally expanding what the network does and the role it plays.  In order to unleash the full capabilities of the new network, we need people with the skills to manage it.  This evolution of networking technology is what’s driving the redesign of our CityLab Pro program and enhancements to our CityLab Pro courses.

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Smart City

A place where we bring bright ideas to life. Learn more about our product development services and innovative products that have the potential to revolutionize the market”

Johnny Lee Clarke

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Help a Broken Family Student

Your $60 donation will provide a lifeline of support to a student, who has a chance at a career at a time when the community and his family when they need it most.

Support a family in need

At Super Saturday we provide ideas on how to build, and maintain balance in your relationships, and your own life, simple solutions that connect. $5 will help a family facing one of the toughest times imaginable have a little peace.

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By sponsoring or exhibiting at the event, you will join other major brands including Cisco, Pepsi, SouthWest Airlines, Airbnb, MakerLabs and much more.