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JOHNNY LEE CLARKE –  Executive Director & Cisco Instructor

Creating HOPE

Creating HOPE and relevant job and life skill programs in our detention facilities and prisons .

Deeply Commited

Led by a U.S. Presidental Lifetime Achievement Award Winner for Volunteer Service and a U.S. Congressional Service Award winner

Highly Skilled

We implement evidence-based education programs and/or securing fulfilling employment that builds experience, accountability, and self-sufficiency.

When Loree is not being a very busy and sought after Chief Of Staff, Loree can be found Working, Teaching, or Gently Moving on her pet project, the Big Ask Give.


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Loree Lynn Davila, Co Founder

Chief, Staff Operations


We build bridges to open doors for the incarcerated and homeless by creating volunteer opportunities for friends and clients

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Lee Ross Gomez, Jr.

Voice for Advocacy

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Our partners are the individuals, small business owners, non-profit organizations, and corporate social responsibility officers within the statewide ecosystem dedicated to healing broken lives, families, and communities.

Together, we have made significant advancements in reducing recidivism, and we continue to remain focused on our ultimate goal of local employment and affordable housing for all!

Prior evidence supports and current State funding is focused on the positive effects of performance-based, recidivism reduction programming to address the requirements of the California Governor’s Career Technology Education Initiative.

CityLab Comparison Group Design                  (90 -180 days)

CityLab Random Control Design                              (12 -24 months)

CityLab Random Control Trial Design and Management    (36 months)

MNHCo is about rescuing bees and growing them to be strong, sustainable hives.

Honey is a by-product, not a goal. 

Together, the team is helping us develop an inner-city beekeeping program, rescuing communities on hive at a time.

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USR Builders is a California General Contractor with specialties in all phases of home construction.  This team is bringing hours of credible work experience in tiny home construction, vacant and abandoned home restoration, and smart home design.