Technical Education: Fresh ideas
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Philanthropreneurship: A philanthropreneur is an entrepreneurial philanthropist, our parent company is a type of for-profit entity, a corporation, made up of philanthroprenuers. CityLab Professional is a business venture that prioritizes the social good of Technical Education along with business success that leads to Local Employment and Affordable Housing.
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Local Employment with Fresh Faces
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Now a permanent part of the Employment Training Panel program, the Ex-Offender/At Risk Youth training program began as a pilot project in September 2007. The Panel implemented the Pilot project in order to provide critical job skills training and jobs to ex-offenders and youth at risk of becoming involved in gangs and/or criminal activities.

Today, by creating a one year pilot project, with the Employment Training Panel, our program acts as a path for agency to underserved populations in the 21st century in the Bayarea; and a scalable template for more than 162 locations throughout California, the United States and Canada.