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Change starts here

We use speedy decision making and agility to our advantage.

We’ve learned to leverage the motivation of ownership as a driver for success.

The Foundation Story

We are the first to attempt a Cisco Network Academy in a County Jail in the United States in 2011.  

Our results are performance and evidence based with broad SMB support.

Here are a few pointers if you would like to replicate our story.  

Produce proof that your ideas can work on a limited budget.
Manage involvement of investors (if you scale your ideas).
Risk running out of money before finding the right value proposition and business model.

We created this resource to be used by domestic and international nonprofits, funders, corporations and investors, to clarify goals, assess results and identify opportunities to increase both impact and financial performance, where reducing recidivism is a community concern, and education is a suitable answer.

The Path…Align a program with milestones and outcomes through 36 months, enabling the trainee to receive On-the-Job Training for 720 hours, resulting in Career Training Pathway of 2000 Apprenticeship hours.

The Re-entry program targets veterans with significant barriers to employment, including but not limited to: special disabled or disabled veterans; homeless veterans; recently separated service members who have been unemployed for 27 or more weeks in the previous 12 months; an offender, as identified in WIOA Section 3 (38), who is currently incarcerated or who has been released from incarceration; a veteran lacking a high school diploma or equivalent certificate; a low-income individual [as defined by WIOA Section 3 (36); and, women and minorities.

CityLab Professional (our brand) within local/nationally organized MakerShops, help form a community where prospects are paired with backers to form individual social-financial agreements that are “designed to unlock potential and create a long-term sense of shared purpose.” and extends the reach as a consortium of companies, nonprofit associations and professional societies.

STEAMM-related research & policy organizations, government entities, universities and academic institutions concerned with STEAMM education (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ARTS, MUSIC, and MATH) and the future of human capital in the United States, make it possible to hire our students on successful completion of certification exams.

One of our members, offering these stackable credentials is the Cisco Systems Network Academy, Job Readiness Training. 

Early pioneers at Cisco have served as guest speakers, worked with participants on interview skills, provided Internships and hired participants to help achieve the organization’s curriculum, and our unique content modified to be culturally relevant.

We welcome the opportunity to build, develop core staff, and prepare incarcerated students for the Cisco IT Essentials Exam.

Financial Outlook

Proposed Solution…Certification with Social Innovation Bonds by Morgan Stanley Investments 

We find this is an interesting new way to finance Citylab, the relationship between trade schools or technical training programs.

CityLab is a community where prospects are paired with backers to form individual social-financial agreements that are “designed to unlock potential and create a long-term sense of shared purpose.”

Prior to Morgan Stanley we have engaged small business owners, and investors through crowdfunding, and public speaking.

We have built the underlying platform for this incentive for both employer and trainee during a period of six months.  In this case, the employer is able to allocate the cost of training to our Directed Donor Advised Fund, and as the training proceeds the bond appreciates at rates of up to 3.5% tax free.

Further Risk Abatement

State Funds for retraining specific underrepresented groups through the Employment Training Panel (ETP) we are primarily focused on previously incarcerated men, who may be either a Veteran referred through Veterans Court, or a father whose children are local.

These core audiences allow for us to measure our performance outcomes for investors, and allow us to navigate our growth and development programs more effectively.

We work with cities and towns and the private sector in California to create new forms of civic innovation, economic development, and ultimately transformation.

Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who needs helping!