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What if there were an innovative, quasi-non-profit (social enterprise corporation) that would provide self-sustaining revenues and, more importantly, growth sustaining free cash flow and profits? Moreover, what if the company’s status as a quasi-non-profit itself provides the “killer app” to exploit a major business paradigm shift?

Start with a certification program you can enroll here.

What if that social enterprise corporation’s strategy was to accomplish its goals while changing the face of fundraising from the traditional method of grants and donations, to a model that creates partnerships, where both the partners and benefactors derive significant financial and civil benefits?

dsc_0920That is what we hope to find….the answers to What if this spring when we launch and welcome students from HBCU’s to design, and implement a solution on our blockchain platform to solve emerging recidivism issues.

Learn how at Hack the Bay 

CityLab is a workforce development program offering a variety of services to eligible job seekers through regional Makerspaces (i.e. TechShop, We Work, etc’ across the United States.

This hands-on, culturally relevant variation of the CISCO Academy IT Essentials coursework, CityLab is accredited by various local education agencies.

We are now extending our brand into southern HBCU’s to invite individuals and teams to meet with and work with our Partner companies.

Faith.Reducing Recidivism and Foster Care

Our Social Motive is giving incarcerated fathers a vision that they have a unique and irreplaceable role in the life of their child along with increased confidence and changes in attitude and skills is a powerful motivator for successful reentry into a community.

And a strong reinforcer for the child seeking academic success, combined with the creative financing described above, we organically empower communities to bring families together in a dignified way.

Backers provide money to pay for education, training, and equipment (such as tools), offer advice, encouragement, and connections.

Interested parties can participate in General Sessions each third weekend, or request a private 12-week program through a Memorandum of Understanding

The program officially starts in March of 2018, although small cohorts of 6 to 12 may start as early as January 2018 for the ongoing weekend and evening series you can get early access by entering your information below.


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