CityLab Professional 2021

this is who we are now. with you we become better.

We are a Faith-based California Apprenticeship and OJT program, built to be a social justice accelerator helping organizations build collaborative business cultures and collaborate with scalable organizations to provide training and work experience capable of empowering traditionally disenfranchised populations with agency in the 21-century, global economy.

How we plan to do it.

  • Build a forward-thinking Cisco Network Academy Community
    • Create a digital library of resources
    • Engage the next-generation tools to work on
    • Enable communities to benefit
  • Create pathways for local businesses to participate
    • Organize three (3) new pathways for Santa Clara County
    • Organize a pathway for Elmwood County Jail
    • Organize a pathway for Mentors to participate
  • Build on the collective local talent to drive regional employment
    • General Contracting and building for the future
    • Agriculture and Eco-Friendly Business Support
    • Technical Help Desk Support workers
  • Start with a clear assumption and outcome expectation.

The plan is simple.
With Roberts Educational Defense Fund training’s assistance, we built measurement into execution, execution into hope, and hope into strategy, where strategy results in a three-fold increase in all commitments, connections, and concerns.

Create/Discover Blue Oceans
Use Analytical Tools and Common Open Source Frameworks
Reconstruct Market Boundries
Focus on the Big Picture vs the Numbers
Use Tiny Clouds to reach beyond existing demand
Getting the Strategic Sequence Right in Preview

As a Student
We help you learn business skills
that are more effective and successful on a personal and organizational basis.

As an Employee
Create flexible training options that ensure workers develop the right skills.
Minimize liability costs through appropriate training of workers.
Receive tax credits and employee tuition benefits in participating states.
Increase retention of workers, during, and following the apprenticeship.

The Future of Work and Certifications

‘The future of work provides a massive opportunity for mankind to resolve many of our global challenges but it demands a paradigm shift in our thinking towards leadership styles, resource allocation, urban lifestyles, business/societal collaboration, remuneration models and ultimately our society’s values structure.’ Ian Knowlson, Business Growth Coach

We provide Technical Certifications that accelerate economic opportunity and provide technical education that leads to local employment and affordable housing.

Today, by creating a one year pilot project, our program acts as a path for agency to underserved populations in the 21st century in the Bayarea; and a scalable template for more than 162 locations in the United States and Canada.

Johnny Clarke (me) leverages the knowledge and skills of the Maker Movement, with Workforce Innovation and Opportunity funds to provide Cisco Systems certified skilled workers in 10th largest US city (San Jose) and key local employer, also a Forbes 100 Company with a MARKET CAP (2019) of $221.3B.