CityLab Professional is a Venture-backed Public Benefit Corporation that acts like a B-Corp, with a next stage incubator much like the Last Mile Program, Project H, Common Change, etc.

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Welcome to CityLab Professional, for network system specialist apprentices
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What We Do

Our training focuses on knowledge of advanced 5G wireless network technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications. It is similar to Information Technology (IT) but focuses primarily on communication technologies. This includes the Internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication mediums.

Technical Training

Introduction to 5G, fiber optic, and Cybersecurity

Live Classes

Become introduced to new technology that leads to new careers.

Global Problem Solving

We focus on social injustice, the root causes, the short term solutions combined with long-term change.

State Certification

Introduction to IoT, Introduction to the Internet of Everything, Packet Tracer 101, Packet Tracer, 101 Mobile, Introduction to Cybersecurity,Cybersecurity Essentials,Getting Connected, <br />Social Entrepreneurship

Industry Recognized Skills

Cisco Certifications are Industry-recognized credentials of value they are recognized in the labor market, and are portable across state borders and are valid assessments of student skills.

A Three Phase Road Map

Technical Education and Certification, Local Employment and Apprenticeships, Affordable Housing and new careers.

Who We Are

Make your journey beautiful and bright

We are a global network training accelerator helping organizations build collaborative business cultures, by providing under-served communities with access to IT Communications Industry Credentials. As a service, we build practical solutions that solve problems for ourselves and others.

Cisco has a history of making the world a better place with a strong Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. Using technology, cash grants, and expertise, Cisco hopes to meet the 1 billion goal by 2025.

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Lets have a look on Modern Technology

Sponsorship Levels

Booths • Product placement • Tables • Session speakers • AV Sponsorship • Wine Sponsorship • Dinner Sponsorship • Name tag sponsorship


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For our members, we offer exclusive content. Your paid membership enables our mentors to carry out our mission with soft paper books to the returning citizens seeking restoration through technical education.

Students at Cisco Live

How to create Local Employment

The goal will be to introduce our methodologies (Maker-Hacker-Network Engineer) and results; to inspire city leaders, economic development teams, and localists.

Technical Education

Demand for information technology (IT) workers is high and should continue to grow as firms invest in newer, faster technology and mobile networks.

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