Citylab Professional aims to build a resilient community looking to better their lives and, in doing so, make a profound difference in the world.

Our goal is to provide valuable training resources to community residents who struggle with barriers to employment.

Education is power, and we believe anyone can turn their life around by equipping themselves with the knowledge to transform their future. 

Citylab Professional provides training that can birth a new dream in someone. Inspire new goals. Offer new beginnings.

Citylab Professional offers a different road, leading many to discover their unlimited potential. 


  • Provide technical education to lead to gainful employment
  • Offer realistic opportunities and marketable skills
  • Communicate a fresh perspective to lead to radical transformation
  • Uncover hidden talents which highlight promising potential
  • Improve lives with excellent technical education, leading to new opportunities

Citylab Professional offers valuable education in IT Essentials (v7) for Cisco Systems, a multibillion-dollar technology conglomerate and local employers. 

But we offer more than that. Far more.

Citylab Professional provides a new perspective–a realistic plan–to turn lives around and offer hope.

We overlook past struggles and instead aim high for bright futures.