Our Story

We are changing communities, accelerating economic opportunities, providing technical education, workforce development and affordable homes as an agency for underserved populations, leveraging the knowledge and skills of the Maker Movement with Workforce Innovation and Workforce Opportunity funds in the 10th largest U.S. city (San Jose) and Cisco Systems a Forbes 100 Company with a MARKET CAP (2019) of $ 221.3B.

Depicting the use of Technical Training inside county jail systems.

Making History.

We help empower social change agents with technology and expertise. In three main areas, Technical Education, Local Employment, and Affordable Housing Social Justice Issues related to systemic poverty. Our goal: Accelerate global problem solving to benefit people, society, and the planet locally.

We created the first Cisco Network Academy in a US County Jail (San Bruno County Jail #5 -2015)

Describe how we build community for 4.2M children

Making Community.

Establishing Fatherhood Programs means that 4.2M children get to spend time with a father.

Doing so requires strategic investment, a long-term commitment, sharing knowledge, and
capacity building an effective organization. These are the hallmarks of our approach, which
involves a path to connect Vocational and Financial Education, which leads to Job Placement,
and rewards both the families and communities while encouraging the sustainability of Human
Capital in the job force.


Showing our concept for Coffee Houses.

Making Makers.

Responsible to larger goals. We prepare students for bay area jobs requiring knowledge of advanced 5G wireless network systems and are responsible for evangelizing Cisco Meraki through our world-class CCNA technical certification course and customized technical engagement program at the school called CityLab.

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