What is your Call to Action?

We build bridges to open doors for the incarcerated and homeless by creating volunteer opportunities for friends and clients.

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Live Board Presentations

Technical Education

Apply today to join the team of Network System Specialist’s training on both 5 an 6 generation wifi solutions

2020 -2021 Student Application

Local Employment Support

We’re going to fulfill a proper function in the social organism. We’re going to unbuild walls. We hope that sounds appealing to you.

Employers who want do to more

Affordable Housing

Maybe you’d love to create extra spaciousness and forge fertile connections.

The Honey Bee Haven Tiny Home

Technical Education

The heart of our program. 

CityLab Professional is a combination of a Vocational Training Program and an investment fund.

Our mission is to train untapped or underutilized talent, and certify that talent for the most in-demand Cisco Networking jobs in the world.

CityLab Professional Training is completely free up-front, paid internships require a employment commitment of six months or 120 days.

Salaries begin at $18.00/hr. 

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Online Development

Coding tutorials with a built in code editor for you to follow along!

Build a relationship, see the product, live the brand.

Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) is improving accessibility by helping people see what they cannot hear.

Augmented Reality on the other hand is enabling people to see what they cannot hear.

These tools and more are all part of the learning experience at CityLab Professional.

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We are driven by values

Our work will enable students to apply for one of the 3.5M unfilled positions in the information and cybersecurity industry.

To date, we have graduated four (4) 22 -24-year-olds in our most recent pilot project with Hayward Alternative and Adult School; and two Non-GED Adults in our San Jose Program.

About us

Johnny is a U.S. Presidental Lifetime Achievement Award Winner for Volunteer Service (its highest award), a U.S. Congressional Service Award winner, founder and operator for a culturally relevant Cisco Networking Academy called CityLab Professional. He speaks to well-known brands (i.e., Cisco, Google, Facebook, ASUS, etc.)

Johnny Lee Clarke
Loree focuses on everything personnel, she speaks Spanish and relates well with our construction and engineering (She’s a maker, worked in a tool and die shop, and runs robots).
Loree Davila handles our intake, VASH Voucher (Veterans Program) and so much more.
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Loree Lynn Davila
Chief of Staff
You, the student/sponsor efforts serve to help neighborhoods develop Informational Technology career paths for its residents, by the growing capacity – the knowledge, skills, relationships, interactions, and organizational resources that enable residents, civic leaders, the public and private sectors, and local organizations to create comprehensive neighborhood revitalization plans related to our target audience.

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Let’s work together on your next technical certificate.

Learn to help people who need help with transformative justice programs.

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