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CityLab Professional takes you inside a county jail prison and provides a new perspective on prisoners, the system, and yourself. Your sponsorship provides a 2 hour of Cisco Certification Instructor led class, one instructor book, and class lab manual.

Technical Certification

We Train Your Hands and Your Brain. CityLab provides a forum and class for students and for leading thinkers across the nation to put forward innovative and potentially important economic policy ideas that share broad goals of promoting economic growth, broad-based participation in growth, and economic security.

Local Employment

We start people on the path to self-sufficiency. When people have jobs, and economic stability in their lives; this stability allows for healthy people and families. But we don’t stop there: we use our unique model to impact neighborhoods with the greatest need.Cisco Talent Bridge helps us find the right job.

Affordable Housing

“It is common knowledge in corrections that housing, transportation, and a job are the three most critical and immediate needs. They are linked together. How can you hold down a job if you don’t have a place to live?” — Dr. Steven Hall, Director of Religious Services and Community Involvement

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