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The digital world is upon us both personally and professionally. Having a better understanding of the Internet, computers and social media can be a big help toward acquiring digital skills. And, once you have these skills there are much more possible. You are invited to register online below for our free classes.


Most frequent questions and answers

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CityLab Professional ( is a membership-based volunteer Business Advisory Council that provides oversight and guidance in program development and operations. 

The consortium of secondary schools, community colleges, labor agencies, and employers and industry representatives that commit to building career pathways leading to jobs in high-demand industries that offer “stackable” credentials (i.e., sequence of credentials that can be accumulated over time). 

One of our members, offering stackable credentials is the Cisco Systems Network Academy who has assisted us with Job Readiness Training, served as guest speakers, worked with participants on interview skills, provided Internships, and hired participants to help achieve the organization’s curriculum goals, and our unique content modified to be culturally relevant. 

We help empower social change agents with technology and industry expertise. 

Our goal: Accelerate global problem solving to benefit people,society, and the planet locally, by addressing social justice issues related to systemic poverty.  

Our team has more than 30 years of close proximity interrelationships with 20,000 employers in the US looking for new hires in Network Systems Specialist Careers. 

We enable you with Technical Education, Local Employment, and Affordable Housing. 

Please complete this application for enrollment interest.

Next Steps

Confirm Initial Commitment

Identify qualified pre-apprentices

3 Technical Elements of the program:

Introduction to IT Essentials A+

Cybersecurity Essentials

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Each Class receives at a minimum:

12 90 Minute Coaching Sessions

15 Illustrated Lab Study Guides

15 Curriculum Study Guides

15 Action Step Checklists

Recommended Reading

Exit Exam and Certification

After completion of our initial courses, part of our program you will meet with and work with local employers from 90 days to 36 months.

As part of our on-going efforts we plan to expand into the following counties, while maintaining our online courses

Contra Costa
Del Norte
Lake Trinity
San Benito
San Francisco
San Luis Obispo
San Mateo County
Santa Barbara
Santa Clara
Santa Cruz